2015 Video


Gardner Campbell – A Taxonomy of Student Engagement



Scott Brown – Raising the Stakes in General Education: Blended Learning in an Intellectual Competency Curriculum

James Littleton – Transitioning Team-based Projects from a Face-to-Face to an Online Environment Successfully

Clayton McCarl, Sherif A. Elfayoumy, Ching-Hua Chuan, Anne Pfister, Aisha Johnson – Introducing the University of North Florida Digital Humanities Initiative


Laura Jackson – Bridging the Gap: Interdisciplinary Collaboration for signed Language Interpreters

Matthew A. Ohlson – Bringing the World to Campus: The Use of Videoconferencing to Augment Student Learning

Anne Pfister & David Wilson – Observations Through Photovoice: Engaged, Authentic Learning in the Lecture Hall and Beyond

Suzanne Ehrlich – The Use of Protocols for Dynamic Discussion